Corner Hutch

by   Bill Skinner

Project: Storage space for a new set of china sent to us by a grand daughter in Germany.
  Adapted from a WoodSmith article.
  Biscuit, and spline carcass; Mortise and tenon doors. Raised panel lower doors with peacock medallions; Glass in upper doors;  Screwed on back.
:  Bald Cypress carcass; Birch ply adjustable shelves, edged in Cypress, and covered in blue felt; Beaded Pine ply back; Brass hardware;  Low wattage interior strip lighting
Finish: To 220 grit. Sealed, and stained golden oak. Three coats orange shellac. Waxed and buffed.

Corner Hutch

by Barry Boyer

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DESCRIPTION: Corner Hutch for Daughter
PURPOSE: Request from Daughter to match the other furniture in room
MATERIALS: Oak, Oak plywood and Poplar
FINISH: Water based Pickled Oak stain with water based sprayed Lacquer
SIZE: 75" x 45"


by  Ray Doblestein

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Project:  Hutch
Purpose: Design and build a Hutch to match a base cabinet.
Material: Maple
Finish: Provincial
Size: 7"H X 5"W