Miscellaneous Projects

Watch Carousel

Bob Meunier

PROJECT: To make a carousel to hold my watches.

Materials: Walnut with Copper rods.

Finish: Shellac and wipe-on Poly.

Size: Approximately 12 in tall x 5 in diam.

Built: January, 2016

Coat Rack

Bob Meunier

PROJECT: To build a coat rack for my daughter.

Materials: Ambrosia Maple core with quarter sawn Sepele sides and legs

Finish: Satin polyurethane.

Size: 5'-6"high

Built: March 2014


Bob Meunier

PROJECT: To build a candleholder for the One Special Christmas charity auction

Materials: Basswood; Purple Heart;  Bamboo  pegs

Design Elements: Split base/beveled sides; notches in base and feet for assembly; beveled tops on feet

Finish: Clear gloss polyurethane.

Size: Approximately 24" x 6

Built: Christmas, 2012


Bob Meunier

PROJECT: To build a bookcase for my daughter, matching the woods used in her endtable that I built last year.

Materials: Walnut and Ambrosia Maple.

Design Elements: Slotted sides; walnut strips recessed into front of maple shelves.

Finish: Clear satin polyurethane.

Size: Approximately 24" x 36"

Built: Christmas, 2011


Wayne L. Manahan

PROJECT:  4/4 Size Violin

Materials: European Maple and Spruce - with thanks to Henry Strobel for step-by-step instructions


Bruce Bradford

PROJECT:  Woodworking shop

Materials:  2 1/2 story timberframe, 23x25

Sculptured Bowl

Kenneth Gregg

Project:   Small flat bowl is sculpted from spalted dogwood
Finish:     Marten's Wood Preservative, followed by wax.
Purpose:  I made it to showcase this beautiful piece of dogwood.


Kenneth Gregg

Project:  Large black bowl
Material:   Made from a piece of spalted poplar (or gum) stump.
Technique: It is sculpted using an Arbortech sculpting attachment to a side grinder.

Wall Shelves

by  Steve Hooper

Project: A pair of scroll sawn wall shelves
Design: Wood Magazine November 2000
Materials: 3/8” Oak
Finish: Jet Mahogany stain – shellac – polyurethane


by Dave MacDonald

PROJECT: Design and Build a GINGERBREAD PLAYHOUSE for a Huntersville client.
MATERIALS: Cedar clapboard siding with faux leaded Plexiglas windows.
SIZE: 8’w X 8’d X 8 1/2‘ at peek.

Sold for: $4500.


David Fridy

PROJECT: The banjo was made about 20 years ago while I was in college and couldn't afford to buy a decent one.
MATERIALS: maple, ebony, mother of pearl, rosewood and bone.
YEAR: 1977


Ralph Lombard

PROJECT: Handcrafted gifts for all ages.
DESIGNS: Modified by Ralph Lombard Train Engine: Pine, 12" l x 7.25"h x 6.5"w Train: Pine. Overall length, 48" Airplane: 12.5" wingspan x 11.5" long. Mosaic Clock Frames: 12" diameter, Mahogany. Baltic Birch Bowl: 5.5" d x 4"h. Music Boxes: 6"l x 3.25"h x 3.5"w. Left to right: Red Oak: Sweet gum: Cherry. By:


by Dave Lewis

99-41-dl-tn.jpg (6230 bytes)

PROJECT: Remove railing style divider at step between customers dinning room and living room and replace with two back to back bookcases facing each room with a common tops. Adjustable shelves on both sides.
MATERIAL: Birch plywood case with basswood face frame and tops. Base cove to match house trim.
FINISH: Painted to match woodwork.
SIZE: Each unit is 54"w x 20" d x 38"h backside & 44"h  DESIGN/BUILD BY: Dave Lewis, 1998


by  Jeffery Hollis

Project: "5-Foot Artist Easel. Capacity for a 3½-foot canvas
Materials: Constructed of 4/4 ash, and finished with Tung Oil to highlight the figured wood in the front pieces.
Design: Built on commission by Heffco Wood Products
Year: February 1999 for a Charlotte-area artist.

Contact heffmoe@bellsouth.net

Plate Rack

by  Larry Edwards

Project: Request for wife Joanna to display old plates. The Plate Rack was a pattern from The New Yankee Workshop. I changed it by not putting 6" fluted columns on sides.
Materials: Made from 1/4", 3/8" and 3/4" Red Oak. All molding at top was made on router/shaper table (7 pieces).
Finish: Two coats medium Walnut Danish Oil.
Dimensions: It is 48" wide by 46" high.

Hockey Game

by Bruce Lacy and Bob Meunier

Project: To build a "Knock Hockey" game board remembered from N.Y.C. childhood. Based on article in American Woodworker.
Material: Walnut, Padauk, Cherry, Maple.
Finish: Carnauba wax / Danish oil blend.
Size: Approximately 24" x 36"
Year: 1998

Garden Gate

by Steve Hooper

Project: Garden Gate (One of three gates)
Design: My design
Materials: Pressure treated Pine 2 by x
Finish: Paint
Size: 74 inches high by 48 inches wide.


by Steve Hooper

Project: mortiser
Design: Bill Hylton
Materials: Delta mortiser, an x-y drill press vice, and plywood
Finish: Paint

The idea and instructions for assembly were given to me as a result of a discussion on "The Badger Pond" "http://www.wwforum.com/"

Thread cutting Machine

by  Jim Grimes

99-3-jg-tn.jpg (5058 bytes)

Project: Home Brew Thread Cutting Fixture
Design: Bill Grimes

Shop on wheels

by  Frank Johnston

99-4-fj-tn.jpg (3875 bytes)

Project: A Shop TO GO! The object this time was to design the shop to move with him should another move be necessary.
Design: Frank Johnston. Based on the mobile home concept using tie downs rather than foundation bolts. The shop is insulated and air-conditioned. The electrical service is 220V - 50A with 22 outlets (so far ). Clear height allows for vertical storage of 8" lumber.
Size: 14' w x 26"l x 8' 11/2" clear height.


by  Bob Reading

99-9-br-tn.jpg (3740 bytes)

99-9a-br-tn.jpg (4343 bytes)

Project: Design and construct a building to meet the long term needs for a dedicated woodworker.
Design: Bob designed this 24' X 32' shop with a 10' high ceiling using a truss system that allows storage in the loft area above. The insulated work area features a poured concrete floor. The wood shed to the rear is a 10' X 24 space for the storage of lumber. The garage door allows for ease of moving materials and equipment in and out.
Utilities: Included are a 100 amp. electrical service, gas heat, water, compressed air system and dust collection.

Hanging Cradle

by  Ray Doblestein

98-1-rd-tn.jpg (2859 bytes)

Project:  Hanging Cradle
Materials: Solid Oak
Plans: Wood magazine, Oct. 1987
Year of construction: 1991


by  Willis Mann

98-7-wm-th.jpg (3759 bytes)

Project Dulcimer - Number twelve.
Materials: Hurricane Hugo walnut that was cut and stacked in 1991. No forms are used in the construction of these instruments, which are finished with oil
Plans: Unavailable.
Year of construction: Number twelve was crafted in 1989.


by  Patrick Minervini

98-9-pm-tn.jpg (3069 bytes)

Purpose: To Construct a piece of period furniture that would allow me to learn and experience: quality joinery techniques, specifically hand cut dove tails, how to construct and carve cabriole legs and resaw lumber to thickness. Finish with shellac flakes
Materials: Local air dried Black Walnut with Yellow Pine interior dividers
Finish: Tongue oil and orange shellac.
Year of construction: 1995