Bob Meunier


PROJECT   To make a Wood River Pump-n-Grind pepper mill

MATERIAL:   Olivewood

FINISH:   CA glue with Boiled Linseed Oil, carnauba wax
SIZE:   6-inch

Bob Meunier


PROJECT   My first attempt at a pepper mill as a thank-you gift to a business contact
MATERIAL:   Walnut
FINISH:   Linseed oil/carnauba wax blend and Friction Polish
SIZE:   6-inch


Bob Meunier

Christmas Pens

PROJECT   Make lots of pens (14 total, not all shown) as 2010 Christmas gifts to family and friends
MATERIAL:   Various hardwoods, including ZebraWood, Purple Heart, Dogwood, Cocobola, etc. and Acrylic
FINISH:   Linseed oil/carnuba wax blend or Friction Polish with buffed wax
SIZE:   Standard pen size


Wayne Manahan

Hackberry Bowl

PROJECT: This 10 inch bowl
MATERIAL:  Curly Hackberry
NOTES:  The discoloration on the rim is a lesson that thin CA glue may not be the best choice for filling cracks as it bleeds into some woods

Spalted Bowl

Kenneth Gregg

Project: Tall spalted bowl
Material: It is turned from spalted poplar. All the woods were    found locally.
Finish:  Marten's Wood Preservative, followed by wax


by  Dave Lewis

PROJECT: Design and turn a compote incorporating a coiled section as demonstrated by Ric Erkes at the November, 2000 meeting of the North Carolina Woodturners.
Material: .Maple and cherry
Size: -7" diameter X 7" high
Finish: Varnish
Date: June 2001

Rocking Chair

by  Rich Niemiec

Project: Cape Cod Rocker

Materials: Maple (hand woven fiber rush seat and back)

Finish: Waterbased Satin Poly over a White pickling stain

Year: 1999

Vanity Mirror

by  Dave Lewis

PROJECT: Vanity Mirror with duplicate spindle turnings. 
MATERIAL: Spalted Cherry 
FINISH: French polish Size: 5” diameter x 10 ½ “ high. 
DESIGN: Dave Lewis 

Black Cherry Bowl

by  Dave Lewis

99-5-dwl-tn.jpg (2742 bytes)

Project: Use burl to the best advantage.
Result, One hollow vessel with reverse turned bottom.
Design: Dave Lewis
Materials: Black Cherry Burl
Finish: Minwax Wood Hardener and wax
Size: 8" diameter


by Ted Sellers

98-16-ts-tn.jpg (2732 bytes)

Materials//Techniques: Over 500 pieces of wood from 12 species. Design - 35 hr. Assembly - 70 hr. Turning - 4hr. Finish - 2hr.

SIZE: 15 3/4" h + shade x 6 1/2" dia.

Candle Holders

by  Bill Skinner

98-18-bs-tn.jpg (2218 bytes)

Project: To make candle sticks from a peach tree that, for generations, graced the family homestead in Nashville, Tennessee. The first pair were made for Bill's mother-in-law. Subsequent pairs have been made for family members with an eye for history and family tradition.
Materials: Tennessee Peach
Plans: Unavailable
Year of construction: 1996-1997
Size: 7" h x 5" w