Volume 8, Issue 2                                                                                                            ††††††††††February 2001

 The Sawdust

             The Official Journal of

The Charlotte Woodworkers Association


January Program
Our January meeting was a fun-filled, informative program on exotic woods. ††You may remember, this meeting was postponed from November and was well worth the wait.We wish we had had more time to ask questions and learn more.Hopefully we can pick up where we left off at a future meeting.

Woodworking on the Web

††† ††By Brent Richardson††††††††

(This is the first in a series of short reviews of web sites that feature woodworking or related items.Please contact Maxine to submit a short review of your favorite site.)


This site is hosted by Ellis Walentine, former editor of American Woodworker Magazine.It contains four major areas: messageboards, shop shots, book reviews, and a chat room. They currently have 196 shop shots posted of projects and shops of other woodworkers.The chat room hosts live chats most evenings from 9:30-10:30 with specific subjects on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.also links to sources of tools and sources for wood.††


At our February meeting we will be listening to John Leake discuss inlay techniques.John always has exciting information to pass on to us and Iím sure this will be as informative as always.

Speakers Needed

If anyone knows of a speaker who could cover a topic that would be of interest to the woodworking group, please forward their name and phone to Michael Rosenberg at 643-7612 or email to rosinbag@carolina.rr.com.Also if any member is interested in speaking, let him know

Passing of Member

Ray Dobelstein has brought to our attention the passing of another original CWA member.George Charles Westerfield passed away on January 19, 2001 after a shortillness.Our sympathies go out to his family.

Marketing your Woodwork

Barry Boyer has forwarded this info for anyone who is interested in selling their woodworking projects.Timbershop.com, a subsidiary of Brigadoon, in Colorado provides opportunities to market items on the Internet. They will assist all interested woodworkers by lowering the risk and money involved in introducing products to the market.This service only requires a $25.00 annual fee and a 12% commission after delivery to your customer is confirmed.If you are in the market to sell your goods, you might want to check this out.

 One Special Christmas

Remember, it is not too early to start on your projects for this yearís auction.This is a good opportunity for the CWA to get recognition in the community while helping out a good cause.Be watching for more on this in upcoming meetings.We want to be a real presence in this yearís activities. So start thinking now about what you want to make!!

Woodworking Index

In January of 2000 the CWA purchased a compiled index of 22,077 articles from 1103 issues called Woodplan 2000.Brent Richardson has loaded this list on his computer and will provide information to interested club embers regarding past articles in these publications.†† Please provide Brent a written request for the info desired and he will search for that item.

DeWalt Goodies

At our February meeting, the DeWalt tool-of-the-month will be an electric planer.Remember, that in order to qualify for this you must be a member and you must be in attendance.Donít miss out!

 Christmas Results

According to Lorraine Shalvoy of the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association, One Special Christmas took in a total of $50,000.00 after expenses and donated 2/3 of the net to the Charlotte Observerís Empty Stocking und/Christmas Bureau and 1/3 to SPOKES/Christmas Bureau.

News from Bob Reading

Bob has written to say thanks to the CWA for the recognition shown him at the Christmas dinner.He has signed up for the SunCity Georgetown Woodworkers Club that runs the woodworking shop.He also reports that the winner of the rocking chair at the auction was Tony Smith, who is one of the CRRA board members.

Upcoming Meetings

Michael Rosenberg has already lined up some good meetings for us for future meetings.There will be programs on sharpening tools, small shop tips, jigs and fixtures and more.Be sure not to miss anything!††


The Classified Section will run ads free of charge to members who are looking to buy, sell or trade wood or woodworking equipment, looking for help or would like to offer their services to others.The following departments will be included: For Sale, Wanted, Services Available, Help Wanted, and For Trade.Please send your request to the editor by the 5th day of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Michael Rosenberg is looking for a 6" jointer. You can contact him at 643-7612 or email at rosinbag@carolina.rr.com


CWA Supporters:

Mr. Ron Davis
4250 Golf Acres Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Mr. Larry Hinshaw
3230L Piper Lane
Charlotte, NC 28208
††††† (contributing/sponsor)

Mr. Robert Boland, Manager
4115 Monroe Road
Charlotte, NC28205

Mr. Tony Collums, Manager
116 M Freeland Lane
Charlotte, NC28217
(contributing/sponsor - except power tools & lumber)

Mr. David Boyuka
1725 Windsor Square Drive
Matthews, NC 28105

Mr. Martin C. Dowdy, General Manager
4200 Barringer Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

Show your CWA membership card at any of the listed places to receive benefits 
(except for Woodcraft, which is unable to provide sponsorship in the form of discounts).

2001 Charlotte Woodworkers Officers

President:   Don Ogden 704-532-7823

VP/Programs: Mike Rosenberg 704-643-7612  read7868@alltel.net

Treasurer:   Brent Richardson 704-784-8891 ToolDad2@aol.com

Secretary:   Maxine Pennell 704-541-0805 TheRedMax@carolina.rr.com