Volume 8, Issue 3†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† March 2001


The Charlotte Sawdust


The Official Journal of

The Charlotte Woodworkers Association

        February Program

Our February meeting was by John Leake who demonstrated inlay techniques.John brought pieces of his work to demonstrate the different methods.Inlaid wood can enhance any project and it was helpful to learn how this could be done.  Thanks, John!!†††


††††††††††† Woodworking Show Results


Several of our members manned a booth at the big Woodworking Show last weekend.John McAllister and Don Hovis brought scrapbooks with pictures of their work.We had many people who came by to look at these works and pick up information about our organization.So donít be surprised to see some new faces.This might turn into an annual thing for us and was a good way to bring attention to the CWA.



††††††††††† Meeting Time


Donít forget that our monthly meetings start with a social time at 5:30 and program beginning at 6:00.Also letís remember to be courteous to our hosts and be careful where we place wet cups and food items.We all know what kind of damage these items can be to tools and worktables.Letís not return damage for hospitality!


March Program


Our program in March will be on a subject that most of us need to know more about.Vince Mariano will be showing us how to sharpen chisels using a belt sander and grinder. It can get pretty expensive sending our chisels out to someone else to be sharpened so it will be great to learn how to do it ourselves.Donít miss out on this demonstration.

Speakers Needed


If anyone knows of a speaker who could cover a topic that would be of interest to the woodworking group, please forward their name and phone to Michael Rosenberg at 643-7612 or email to rosinbag@carolina.rr.com.Also if any member is interested in speaking, let him know


Classified Section


The Classified Section will run ads free of charge to members who are looking to buy, sell or trade wood or woodworking equipment, looking for help or would like to offer their services to others.The following departments will be included: For Sale, Wanted, Services Available, Help Wanted, and For Trade.Please send your request to the editor by the 5th day of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter.



Michael Rosenberg is looking for a 6" jointer.

You can contact him at 643-7612 or email at rosinbag@carolina.rr.com




Fine Woodworking to Offer Discounts

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† By Jeffrey Hollis


During the past year or so, we have approached the folks at Fine Woodworking to get information on discounts for group subscriptions.Apparently, weíve had information in hand for some time, but without any game plan as to taking advantage of the savings.Iíve done some follow-up investigation and have found out some interesting information that should be very encouraging to any of you sitting on the fence about getting a FWW subscription.

If we can get ten members to sign up for a group subscription, FWW will give us a 20% discount.That translates to one year of FWW for $25.60 - a savings of $6.40.Not only that , but FWW will kick in a complimentary subscription for the CWA library to boot!

Of course, there are questions.Iíll go over them with you here:


Q: Do all ten (or more) need to sign up at once?

A: Yes.Any stragglers would count as a separate group and would need to gather at least ten again to get the discount.Itís important to make yourself heard now if youíre interested.


QĒ Does a renewal count toward the group discount?

A: Yes.And you donít need to be at the end of your current subscription to take advantage of this.If youíre only two issues into your subscription, for example, your discounted renewal would pick up when your current one ends.


Q: How do I take advantage of this incredible offer, Jeffrey?

A: Glad you asked.See me during the March meeting, email me (heffmoe@perigee.net),

You can also call me (704-596-2874 - nights).I want to make this happen soon, so Iím sending in the order by the end of March.Iíve already gotten the names of twenty members who would like to get in on this offer, and I suspect that thereíll be many more due to the renewal offer. Let me know if you want to join in on this offer, as I want to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.FWW wants one check from the group, so make checks payable to me.If you canít make it to the March meeting, email me or call me and let me know if youíre interested.I need to hear from you by March 31.Also, itís important to let me know if your order is a renewal.

This is a great opportunity so take advantage of this offer, since it will be another year before itís repeated!




Dave Lewis Reminder

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Dave has brought to our attention that there havenít been any new photos in the Memberís Gallery of our website for some time.If you have anything you would like to ďshowcaseĒ provide photos and descriptive information to Dave so he can add it to the Gallery. This is a good way to show off your projects and also to generate interest in the CWA for those who visit the website.


Dues are Due

Donít forget that the annual dues are now due!If you havenít paid up yet, you must do so by the end of March or your name will be purged from our mailing list.You will also lose your discount privileges at our sponsors.Dues are only $15.00 per year so please take care of this next Monday night!



CWA Supporters




Mr. Ron Davis

4250 Golf Acres Drive

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-394-9479††††† (contributing/sponsor)



Mr. Larry Hinshaw

3230L Piper Lane

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-357-9929††††† (contributing/sponsor)



Mr. Robert Boland, Manager

4115 Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC28205

704-333-3130††††† (sponsor)



Mr. Tony Collums, Manager

116 M Freeland Lane

Charlotte, NC28217


(contributing/sponsor - except power tools & lumber)



Mr. David Boyuka

1725 Windsor Square Drive

Matthews, NC 28105

704-847-8300†††††††††††††† (contributing)



Mr. Martin C. Dowdy, General Manager

4200 Barringer Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217

704-527-4071††††††††††††††† (sponsor)


Show your CWA membership card at any of the listed places to receive benefits
 (except for Woodcraft, which is unable to provide sponsorship in the form of discounts).




Maxine Pennell, Editor

6430 Felton Court

Charlotte, NC 28277






President: Don Ogden 704-532-7823

VP/Programs: Mike Rosenberg 704-643-7612

Treasurer: Brent Richardson 704-784-8891

Secretary: Maxine Pennell 704-541-0805







March 19, 2001

At the Woodworking

Shop of Charlotte†††††