November’s Meeting

“LA Guitar”

by John Graham


November’s meeting will be a presentation by Ari Lehtela of LA Guitar, located on Old Concord Road in Charlotte.  He and his group will show the CWA the various stages of building electric guitars.  There will also be sign-up sheets available for anyone interested in more information or who would like to attend a class.

The meeting will be held in the same place, the Woodworking Shop of Charlotte, at 113M Freeland Lane in Charlotte.  Social starts at 5:30, the meeting at 6:00.



Nominations for 2000 Officers

by John Graham


At the November meeting we will take nominations for several positions.  Both Brent Richardson (Treasurer) and myself (John Graham, President) have agreed to accept nominations for the same positions for the year 2000.  Open positions include Vice President/Program Committee Chairman, Recording Secretary/Sawdust Editor, and Raffle Organizer. 

Dave Waters is now in Florida and so will be unable to accept your nomination.  Jeffrey Hollis has become too busy with his day job to devote the attention that the Secretary/Editor position deserves.  Carl Underwood has done an outstanding job with the raffle this year and would like to sit back and let someone else take over.  Think about nominations, and if you would like to fill one of these positions, feel free to tell one of us, and we’ll be happy to nominate you.  Refer to the attached by-laws for information on position requirements.

Last Month’s Meeting

by John Graham


For last month’s meeting, we asked the membership to bring in samples of holiday gifts that could be made for under $15.00.  This turned out to be really fun and informative!  It seems that “show-&-tell” meetings like this one and the one we do on Jigs & Fixtures are going over very well.

We had 7 participants - Dave Lewis, Al Bjerke, Bill Skinner, Bob Reading, Stan Suther, Tom Burgess, and Ray Phillips.  Everyone who participated had to get up in front of the whole group and tell everyone about their project.  At the end, everyone who participated received as $15.00 check, and one name was drawn out of a hat for the $25.00 grand prize.  That winner was Al Bjerke.  The group responded well and as a result, we can look forward to more meeting programs like this one in the future.



CWA On-Line


As usual, there’s much more to the CWA to see than what’s presented at the monthly meetings.  Come check out what your fellow members are creating at the CWA’s own website at:

You’ll also find helpful articles, club history, back issues of the Sawdust, and links to many of the best woodworking sites on the web.  Check it out!



Year-End Mailing List


December’s issue of the Sawdust will contain an updated mailing list of the CWA membership.  If you do NOT wish to be included in this list, notify the editor at the return address or by email.


Classified Section  


There are no classified ads to report this month.  The classified section is available free of charge to members who are looking to buy, sell, or trade wood or woodworking equipment, who are looking for help, or who would like to offer their services to others in the membership.

As always, classified ad requests should be turned in to the editor by the 5th of the month for inclusion in that month’s Sawdust.

The Classified Section will run ads in these departments:  for sale, wanted, services available, help wanted, for trade.  Please send your request to the editor by the 5th day of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter.



Shop Tours Planned

by Bob Reading


I am setting up a shop tour for 2 shops to take place on a Saturday morning (date not set yet).  Jack Coobs and Tim Wing both have small custom woodworking shops.  Jack has a Legacy Ornamental Mill Machine which uses a standard plunge router with a spiral drive and a system of indexed gears to guide a router along a piece of stock.  The Legacy Ornamental Mill is capable of cutting intricate beads, coves, fluting, ropes and barley twists.  In addition to spindles, the Legacy can do a variety of joinery tasks like mortising and dovetails, produce dentil mouldings, and use a contour follower to cut Queen Anne style legs and other odd-shaped parts. This machine can handle parts up to 8 feet long.

Tim has a ShopBot Personal Robotic tool, which is a computer-controlled router.  The ShopBot is an inexpensive medium-duty routing, cutting, drilling, machining and shaping tool controlled by a personal computer.  This machine will handle parts up to 4 feet by 8 feet.  We will also be able to see a demonstration of this machine.

I will have a sign-up sheet and maps at the next meeting.  These shops are only ½ mile apart and are located very close to Route 74 in Stallings, North Carolina.

Call Bob Reading with questions at 704-821-7868.



 Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store

by Anna Carter


The Re-Store sells used appliances, furniture, building material, windows, doors, cabinets, hardware, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces, electrical devices, etc.  You never know what you will find for sale but it will almost always be a bargain.  Please support Habitat’s Re-Store with your purchases and (tax-deductible!) donations.

Habitat for Humanity runs the non-profit Re-Store at 3326 Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte to:

§         keep used building materials out of our landfills,

§         provide the public with a place to find used (and some new) building materials for bargain prices,

§         raise money to build Habitat houses.

Re-Store hours are: Tuesday through Friday 10-5, and Saturday 9-3.  They can be reached at 392-4495.

By supporting the Re-Store you are supporting Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat is not a give-away program!  Habitat works in partnership with low-income families so that they can afford a simple and decent place to live.  After providing over 250 hours of “sweat equity”, these working families receive an interest-free loan for the purchase of the home that they helped to build.  Using volunteer labor and donated materials further reduces the cost of the home. Habitat believes that home ownership strengthens communities.

Next month - Habitat’s Construction Manual may come in handy when building your next shop.

Christmas Dinner Information

by John Graham


This Year’s Christmas Dinner will be held at The Country Inn, located at 341 Ames Street in Matthews, North Carolina (704-847-1447).  This year our meal is an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Menu items include chicken, roast beef, ham, rice, green beans, corn, dessert (which I understand to be a white Christmas cake) and beverage.  Best of all, the cost this year is only $5.00 per person.  The CWA is picking up the difference of $7.95! 

We have a large room that will seat 125.  There will be plenty of room to bring in your “show & tell” items.  Also, we will continue our tradition of giving away spouse gifts.  At last year’s meeting, everyone contributed and there were plenty of gifts for all spouses.   Please bring in something suitable for a spouse gift.  Last year’s gifts included cutting boards, pens, ornaments, bottle stoppers, etc.

The date of the dinner is December 6th, 1999.  Hopefully this will not conflict with other holiday parties and plans.  Important: Please pay at the November meeting and let Brent Richardson know how many are coming.

Directions to The Country Inn are as follows:

Traveling East Independence Blvd. to Monroe:

§         Go to Sam Newell Rd. (Windsor Square Shopping on left/Boston Market on right) and turn right.

§         Go to the second light (Matthews Street), and take a right.

§         Go two blocks, and the street will dead-end at Ames Street.  Turn right.

§         Go ½ block and The Country Inn is in an old blue house on the left side of the street.



Colonial Williamsburg Road Trip

by Brent Richardson


Colonial Williamsburg and Fine Woodworking Magazine are offering a 3-day course beginning January 23, 2000, entitled Working Wood in the 18th Century: Making Case Furniture.  I went to the first one of these sessions last year and it was very good.  I am planning to go to this one also.  People can contact me for more information at 382-7435.


Web Site Links


As promised long ago, following is a list of woodworking web sites that you can go to.  This list was provided courtesy of our own CWA web site.

The Woodworking Shop

The Sanding Catalog (Klingspor Abrasives)

The Hardwood Center (CHC)

Marty’s Woodshop (CWA member web site)

Fine Woodworking (monthly magazine)

Badger Pond (woodworking tips and forum)

HUT Woodworking Products (pen & pencil supplies)

Campbell Special Woods

Old Woodworking Tools

Artisan's Commonwealth

More Woodturning (newspaper)

Wood Magazine

Building Online

IRIS Forest Products Directory

CAG Company (business cards)

Professional Home Builders

Artisan’s Corner

Woodworking/Home Shop Hobby Center

AIFP - The Leader in Lumber Products

Maine Antiques Digest

Woodworkers’ Discount Books

Wood -N- Crafts Inc.

The Woodworking Catalog

Jay's Woodworking Page

The Apprentice Neanderthal

Ralph Brendler’s Old Tool Page

Allan Fisher's The Electronic Neanderthal

James Roche’s WOOD

Bob Brown's W5

Harry's Woodworking Page

The Enchanted Forest

Woodsmith article index (article list by volume)

Wood Toxicity Chart from American Woodturner by Bruce Taylor

The Stanley Gage Page

Use and Preparation of Scrapers

CWA Supporters



Mr. Ron Davis

4250 Golf Acres Drive

Charlotte, NC  28208

704-394-9479                (contributing / sponsor)



Mr. Larry Hinshaw

3230L Piper Lane

Charlotte, NC  28208

704-357-9929                (contributing / sponsor)



Mr. Robert Boland, Manager

4115 Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC  28205

704-333-3130                (sponsor)



Mr.Dale Wyatt, Manager

116M Freeland Lane

Charlotte, NC  28217


(contributing / sponsor – except power tools & lumber)


Mr. David Boyuka

1725 Windsor Square Drive

Matthews, NC  28105

704-847-8300                (contributing)



Mr. Martin C. Dowdy, General Manager

4200 Barringer Drive

Charlotte, NC  28217

704-527-4071                (sponsor)


Show your CWA membership card at any of the listed places to receive benefits (except for Woodcraft, which is unable to provide sponsorship in the form of discounts). 


1999 CWA Officers


President :               John Graham          704-588-8450

VP / Programs :      Open – nominations anyone?

Treasurer :               Brent Richardson     704-784-8891

Secretary :                Jeffrey Hollis           704-596-2874










Next Meeting:

November 15, 1999 at the Woodworking Shop of Charlotte