Volume 6, Number 7

July 1999

The Charlotte Sawdust


The Official Journal of the Charlotte Woodworkers Association

This Monthís Meeting

"Wood Moisture & Movement"

by David Waters

Julyís meeting will be a presentation of moisture content and how it affects wood movement. Bob Reading will discuss why you donít cross the grain when you glue up your joints. The meeting will be held at the usual place and time (the Woodworking Shop of Charlotte, 6:00 PM on Monday, July 19, 1999).

The presentation promises to be full of useful information for all of us. Hope to see you there.


Membersí Gallery

by Dave Lewis & Jeffrey Hollis

There have been no recent contributions to the Membersí Gallery. Have all of you been out of the shop since the sun came out? This is just a reminder that if you have any recent project photos, by all means consider contributing to the CWA Membersí Gallery. If you havenít seen it lately, it can be found either in the library or on the secretaryís table during meetings. Many of the photos in the Gallery can also be viewed on-line at


This is also a great place to get ideas for future projects. Please share your photos with us!


Mayís Meeting

"Multi-Router Presentation"

by David Waters

Tony Bradley, the manager of the Woodworking Shop of Hickory, was on hand May 17, 1999 to make a presentation of the Multi-Router system. About 64 members and guests attended the demonstration. Tony showed us how the device will allow you to operate your router in three dimensions by allowing movement along three axes (up & down, back & forth, and in & out). A total of 9 inches of travel is possible with the Multi-Router.

The base of the device will accept any router, and has screw type hold-downs. Templates are the heart of the system. The router base has a pin that follows a pattern on the template you insert. Examples include mortise and tenons, dovetails, and box joints. The machine offers many advantages including increased accuracy and repeatability of functions. However, its price of $1800 (without router) may put this shop aid out of reach for any but the most serious among us.


Juneís Meeting

"Workshop Health & Safety"

by Jeffrey Hollis

In keeping with our renewed focus on Health & Safety, Juneís presentation on Workshop Health & Safety. We would like to thank CWA member Ed Abbott for an informative overview of the many pitfalls that woodworkers over the years are subject to every time they step into the workshop. Mr. Abbott is a paramedic in Charlotte with many years experience in the field, and has seen every variety of injury. About 41 members and guests were on hand for the discussion.

Before Mr. Abbottís presentation, many of us shared our experiences in the workshop as they relate to injuries weíve sustained, and the close calls we were thankful to have learned from. Many thanks to those members who shared with us what theyíve been taught in the workshop. See this monthís insert for an Emergency Information Refrigerator Card that Ed provided to fill out and post in a conspicuous place in your home or shop.

Classified Section

For Sale: Delta 10" compound miter saw, model 36-220. $150.00 or best offer. Reply to Richard Curley at 597-8530.

For Sale or Trade: Delta two-stage industrial duty dust collector, model #50-180 (1 hp, 115/230 V, 700 cfm, 5" hose dia., 10.5" wheel dia.). Includes 55-gallon drum with base and casters. Comparable to new dust collectors costing from $600 to $700. Used very little. Asking $450, or will consider trade for other woodworking equipment. Call Caroll "Monk" Bridges at (704) 525-5348.

The Classified Section will run ads in these departments: for sale, wanted, services available, help wanted, for trade. Please send your request to the editor by the 5th day of the month for inclusion in the next newsletter.


Editorís Corner

by Jeffrey Hollis

Apologies are in order for the membership of the CWA. Due to illness and a change in jobs all in the same week, I was unable to produce a newsletter for June. What this meant was that several of you did not know about Juneís meeting topic (Health & Safety in the Workshop). It also means that my Email address has changed (heffmoe@bellsouth.net,). The job change means that Iíll not be able to produce as nice looking a newsletter as Iíve gotten you accustomed to for a while. There is a rumor that Iíll be getting an upgrade in a month or two, but weíll see what pans out. In the meantime, I hope youíll welcome the return of your newsletter and be patient while I get all the required systems up and running.

1999 CWA Officers

President: John Graham 704-588-8450 JGraham389@aol.com

VP/Programs: David Waters 704-871-1609

Treasurer: Dave Terpening 704-541-5729 DTerpen@worldnet.att.net

Secretary/Editor: Jeffrey Hollis 704-596-2874 heffmoe@bellsouth.net


Program Committee Notes

by David Waters

Due to recent illness, Guy Bradford has decided to step down from the Program Committee. We would like to thank Guy for the hard work and dedication he has provided the CWA. He had recently organized the Charlotte Hardwood Center presentation. We also hope for his speedy recovery and future input.

In the meantime, the Program Committee is down to three members: Bob Reading, Dave Lewis, and Dave Terpening. We need your help. The programs that are presented monthly are the backbone of this organization. Without your input, the Association may lack for programs. Without programs, we will lack for attendance. Without attendance, we donít have an Association! Please consider helping your fellow woodworkers and volunteer!


The Growing CWA Library

by Jeffrey Hollis

Next time you see Ralph Lombard, thank him. Ralph has gone to great lengths to get the CWA library back in shape in the past few months since taking over as librarian. The membership is reminded that we have a lot of new material in the library thanks in large part to the recent donations made by David Humphries on behalf of the estate of former CWA member Carl Hall.

Now seems like a good time to remind you of other library related news items:

Since the library is only now getting back on its feet, the CWA has decided to waive all late fees for the month of July in an effort to reclaim all the materials that are currently missing. Please check your video collections and personal libraries to make sure you donít have CWA materials stashed away. We wish to preserve all these materials for future woodworkers.

Finally, due to the increasing size of our library, the CWA is looking for a new library cabinet. This may be an excellent opportunity for you to do what you love for the benefit of your CWA! We will be discussing exactly what weíre looking for and how weíd like to go about acquiring the piece at Julyís meeting.

Where weíre leaning at this point is a design competition, with the possibility of an invitation for sealed bids from the membership. If youíre interested in project design, please plan to attend this monthís meeting.


Design-A-Shop Contest

by Steve Hooper

For those of you who do not know, Iím in the process of moving to Salisbury (wanna buy a house in Charlotte?). My wife (Diane) says I can have the entire garage for my workshop. See the flip side of this monthís insert for a drawing of the future workshop. What you donít see is a two-car carport. She says thatís enough for her.

Iíve been fussing over the shop layout for over a month now. I see a lot of shop design questions in the Internet sites I frequent. That said; I thought it might be fun if I/we held a little contest on the layout of this olí shop.

The rules are simple: Itís my shop - Iíll be the final arbiter of any design I incorporate. I expect the final design will be taken from several submissions. The grand prize will be awarded to the person with the most and/or earliest submission. (CWA note: the contest will close on August 31, 1999.)

Regardless of who enters or not, all are invited to come up and visit at any time during the process. The association will be invited to a shop tour sometime early next year.

The grand prize was to be a sausage biscuit breakfast at Hardees. However, after some discussion with club management, Iíve decided to make it "Breakfast at Bagletime". The CWA will also throw in a $50 gift certificate to the sponsor of the winnerís choice for the design I deem the best.

Iíll provide a CAD drawing. I can provide and accept the following formats: .IGR .sym .dwg .dxf .dgn or .cgm. I would prefer .IGR or .dxf.

Or, contact me for a scale drawing which includes a list of tools, cabinets, and workbenches.

Design notes:

The small room in the upper right area is two steps up and has wooden a floor. I currently view this as an office area. The stairwell leads from the "office" to the second floor. In addition to normal household/shop storage, this is an ideal place for several thousand feet of wood curing and storage. It will be very difficult to carry boards up and down this stairway. Iíve considered rotating the stairwell 90o and 180o. Iíd still have a lot of climbing. I could chop a hole in the end of the building, put in a lift, and mess up the nice Vinyl clad siding. I could put in an elevator. Good grief!! Iíll award an additional breakfast prize to the person with best "workable" design here.

The ceilings throughout shop are about 12 feet high. I view the area that has the "existing bench" as the core shop. Iíd like to start there and expand out. This area has OSB on the walls and ceiling, but I recently finished adding more to the areas where it was conspicuously missing. I think that I should paint this area before I start to move in. Iíve recently sealed and painted the cement floors too.

There is no air conditioning. Heat is a wood stove. The current owner is keeping his stove. Iíve already made arrangements to purchase another from one of our members. The walls on the three sides of the stove area are flammable.

The small room on the south side has a loft above it, is nicely insulated, has one of those clear; vinyl strip thingyís in the doorway. The outside wall is about 2/3 covered with a steel plate.

The current owner recommends that I keep the path from the north side through to the alley on the south side clear for occasional auto traffic. I think that Iíd like to do that. So everything in that path should be designed to roll up, out, or away.

The core shop lighting is adequate for general use, but additional lights will be needed over some key areas. Power enters from overhead at the northeast corner of the building. Itís a 50A service. I donít think this will be enough. Iím currently planning a 150A addition.

I have a dust collector with a homemade second stage. I have an air compressor that should be plumbed in. I like to have air at every workstation.

For additional details I can be reached at the July meeting, at 549-4306, or at sehoop@ibm.net.


Message from the President

by John Graham

We are having a great year at CWA. We now have a fantastic Web site and I am getting calls from woodworkers across the nation for information. Some of the questions Iím being asked are above my personal knowledge and I have forwarded those questions to CWA members who could answer them better than I. My thanks to those of you who have assisted.

I am looking into the possibility of getting group discounts on popular magazine subscriptions for CWA members and immediately got a response from Taunton Press, publishers of Fine Woodworking. They are willing to give CWA members a 15% discount on 10 or more subscriptions! I will hopefully hear from the other magazine publishers soon and let the membership know which ones will give us group discounts in an upcoming issue of Sawdust.

I would like to emphasize the Y2K contest mentioned in the previous issue of Sawdust. Jeffrey Hollis and I toyed with the idea a few months ago and thought that the Y2K contest would be a fun, yet practical way to address the possible Y2K threat. And with a $50 prize, we can be creative and do a little showing off. So I challenge each of you, no matter what skill level you are at, to particiapte in the Y2K contest. Hereís the contest: design a practical Y2K-oriented gift to be given at Christmas. Use your imagination: wall sconces for candles, storage racks or cabinets for provisions, lighting alternativesÖ

The best idea (and effort) will receive a $50 gift certificate redeemable at the sponsor of your choice. Second and third prizes will be awarded as well, and weíll publish our findings on the net, thus sharing our knowledge worldwide. The tentative due date for entries will be at the August meeting (August 16, 1999).

Recently, members participated in a survey, in which one of the questions was whether to cater in our Christmas Dinner or do a pot luck. Catering in was the clear winner. Last year, we had the Christmas Dinner at my churchís fellowship hall (St. Markís Lutheran). Unfortunately, this year we cannot have it there because the church is undergoing a complete renovation which will not be completed by December. If anyone has a location that will accommodate approximately 175 people, please let me know. Also, we have had barbecue two years in a row. If you would like some other food, please give your suggestions in writing so I can look for possible caterers.

John N. Graham, President



CWA Supporters

a Complete Listing


Mr. Ron Davis

4250 Golf Acres Drive

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-394-9479 (contributing / sponsor)


Mr. Larry Hinshaw

3230L Piper Lane

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-357-9929 (contributing / sponsor)


Mr. Robert Boland, Manager

4115 Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC 28205

704-333-3130 (sponsor)


Mr. David Boyuka

1725 Windsor Square Drive

Matthews, NC 28105

704-847-8300 (contributing)


Mr. Marc Saunders, Manager

116M Freeland Lane

Charlotte, NC 28217


(contributing / sponsor - except power tools & lumber)


Mr. Martin C. Dowdy, General Manager

4200 Barringer Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217

704-527-4071 (sponsor)

Show your CWA membership card at any of the listed places to receive benefits (except for Woodcraft, which is unable to provide sponsorship in the form of discounts). If you havenít picked up your membership card yet, see Dave Terpening at the next meeting.

Remember to support our supporters!

The Charlotte Woodworkers Association

Jeffrey Hollis, editor

2818 Tallu Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 28269-4632





Next Meeting:

July 19, 1999

at the Woodworking

Shop of Charlotte