October’s Meeting

“Your Gift Ideas”

by John Graham


October’s meeting will be a lot of fun indeed!  Like our popular “Jig’s & Fixtures” meeting, members will be asked to bring in samples of gifts that they make for the holidays, whether it be toys, baskets, bottle stoppers, ornaments, boxes, games, cutting boards, etc. 

This is a good time to show off your work and will give other members time before the holidays if they want to try their hand at it as well.  As an additional incentive, 3 prizes will be awarded to the best gifts - $25, $15, & $10 and winners will be judged by applause!  All members, new and old, are encouraged to participate – the more the merrier!




August’s Meeting

by Jeffrey Hollis


An incredible array of craftiness was presented at the August meeting, as about 70 members and guests came to see the many fixtures and jigs and general shop aids brought in by many of our clever members.  Among the many offerings were a slow-motion paint can mixer, a doll-house shingle jig for the table saw, a table saw taper jig, a vacuum drum sander for the drill press, a drawer knob mounting guide, a variable scale router circle-cutting jig, a shop-made router table, and a finger joint (box joint) spacer jig for the table saw that ingeniously takes advantage of the precision offered by a 16 x ¼" threaded rod to align the cuts.

There was almost more material to show than we had time for.  Our thanks go to all of you who demonstrated your wares. 


Last Month’s Meeting

by John Graham


Our September meeting was hosted by Steve Hooper.  Steve was called at the last minute by yours truly and agreed to give a presentation on various aspects of scrollsawing.  He agreed, even though he is in the middle of a move!  With the aid of several members who brought in samples of their work, Steve covered what was probably one of the most confusing aspects of working with a scrollsaw – blade selection.  He had made up a chart of proper blades for use with different thicknesses of wood and also spent some time on the history of scrollsaw machines. 

Member Doug Tucker brought in a jig that he uses to make wine bottle stands and several ornament patterns.  Doug’s patterns were cut out of a thin substance (I think Formica), which he then uses as his template.  He offered to let members borrow the templates, provided they return them, of course!

Brent Richardson took over our Treasurer’s position like he had always done it.  And although the attendance box was missing, everyone present signed their name on a sheet which Jeffrey Hollis will transfer to tickets so all attendees will have a chance at winning a prize for the Christmas party.





CWA On-Line


As usual, there’s much more to the CWA to see than what’s presented at the monthly meetings.  Come check out what your fellow members are creating at the CWA’s own website at:


You’ll also find helpful articles, club history, back issues of the Sawdust, and links to many of the best woodworking sites on the web.  Check it out!


Classified Section




For Sale:  Western cedar, 4"x4" lengths from about 8' to 14',  4"x8" not sure of the lengths, some 2"x6" and some 4"x10".  I also have some 4"x6" southern pine.  Call Bob Reading at 704-821-7868. 

For Sale:  I have a work table for sale 42" x 84" x 1.5" the table is 32" high.  $150, but you have to move it and it is heavy.  Call Bob Reading at 704-821-7868.

For Sale:  5” diameter, ½” arbor, biscuit jointer blades.  4 DeWalt Jointer/Planer blades.  Contact Ron Rogers at 704-861-0403.

For Sale:  Old wormy chestnut lumber, width 2” to 12”, length 2’ to 18’, thickness 1” to 7”.  Several 7”x7”x8’ for turning or mantel board.  Pricing starts at $2.00 b.f.  Will make best deal on 500 b.f. or more of  “short craft quality or 2x4s.”  Call Don Hovis at 704-597-1856.

For Sale:  Holiday yard art as seen in Wood magazine, including reindeer, snowman & family, angelic chorus, Christmas tree, and penguins.  Call John Graham at 704-588-8450 for prices.




Y2K Gift Contest Results

by Jeffrey Hollis


Well, it was a tough competition and the judges were left with a difficult decision… oh, let’s cut the BS – it was a blowout!  It was so completely one-sided that we were left with no other choice than to award the $50 grand prize to our president, John Graham.

Fact is, John was the only one of the membership to lift a finger and make something for the contest!  His entry was a wall sconce for a candle, just perfect for when the lights go out at 12:01 AM on the first of January.  Congratulations to John for his prize winning idea!




“Fine Woodworking On-Line”

by Jeffrey Hollis


Any day now, the Fine Woodworking website (www.finewoodworking.com) will be listing the CWA in its directory of woodworking clubs across the country.  If you’ve never checked out their website, you should!  It’s only one of several devoted to our craft, but it makes a fine introduction to getting online help to a problem, contributing to a discussion group, or maybe even catching up on missed issues of the magazine – oh yeah, they still publish a magazine, too.


 “Buying Wood with Bifocals”

by John Graham


Computers and fluorescent lights. They’re commonplace today, and the main contributors to my failing eyesight.  I’ve been in glasses now for 10 years and at my last exam, I was prescribed bifocal lenses.  No big deal, I thought.  And they did help me see farther and up close.  They were great until I went to the local home center to purchase some red oak to make a shelf for the bathroom.  It was then that I discovered a new hurdle – how to tell if the board was warped or not.  As I held the piece, I was happy to clearly see the detail of the grain. However, when I looked at the piece straight on, it appeared to warp up. 

As I moved my head it appeared to warp down.  Moving my head sideways only complicated the problem.  Taking my glasses off only revealed a blurred image.  My only solution – put the piece edge down on the counter and see if it rocked back & forth! 

So what do you do?  I can only hope that I will adjust, or always be lucky enough to find straight edged pieces.  Only time will tell my future of buying wood with bifocals!




Looking Ahead: “Solid Wood Guitar Construction”

by John Graham


Ari Lehtela, owner of LA Guitar, will host November’s meeting.  He will demonstrate the techniques of building guitars and also have sign-up sheets to participate in classes.  More details forthcoming…




 “Shop Update”

by Steve Hooper

At the meeting last month I reported that I felt that Dave Lewis and Brent Richardson were winners in my “contest”.

I also reported that I had not yet been blessed with power from Duke Power.  When I got to Salisbury Wednesday morning I found the trenchers hard at work.  Duke had been there Tuesday, set the pole, and connected my house and the next-door neighbor to it.

While the trenchers were busy laying the underground portion, Duke showed up with two trucks and a cherry picker.  They blocked off the street and changed the transformer.

When all this was done, the neighbors’ VCRs reprogrammed, and the meter installed, I became a new Duke customer.

I began to move the shop.

As of this writing I have moved most of the small stuff and am preparing the heavy stuff for the movers.  They come soon.  Then I get to start unpacking all the stuff I've been dragging to Salisbury.

Happy Woodworking
- Steve Hooper





 “A-Line-It” Kit Available

to Club Members

by Bob Reading


The club has a kit that can be used to set-up, tune-up and check the accuracy of your shop’s tools.  It can be used to check: table saw blade and fence alignment, arbor and blade runout, miter slot to blade squareness, drill press table to arbor squareness, arbor/chuck runout, jointer/planer head to table parallelism, jointer/planer knife alignment, outfeed table alignment, router to table and insert alignment, router/shaper spindle runout, or any other set up or alignment measurement.  The kit comes complete with a "smart" miter slot bar, which automatically adjusts to fit your slot perfectly, a .001” dial indicator with 23 different tips for a variety of measuring applications, an 11” dial mounting bar that adjusts for virtually any application,  plus accessories required for machine set-up.  Includes an instruction manual and the A-Line-It video for expert guidance.  We also have a 10” flat disc that can be used in the table saw alignment.

The kit is available to members for a rental fee of $5.00 for 2 weeks.  Anyone that is interested in renting the kit call Bob Reading at 704-821-7868.



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Show your CWA membership card at any of the listed places to receive benefits (except for Woodcraft, which is unable to provide sponsorship in the form of discounts). 



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