Volume 7, Issue 1                                January 2000


The Charlotte Sawdust


The Official Journal of The Charlotte Woodworkers Association.  http://www.charlottewoodworkers.org




Change in Leadership


As some of you may have heard by now, our current President, John Graham, has taken a position in Virginia.  Obviously, for this reason he will no longer be able to serve as our President.  We are happy for John that he is "movin' up" in the world but so sorry to see him leave our organization.  John has served as Secretary for two years and is in his second term as President.  He has served the CWA well and has devoted much time and effort to the leadership and furthering the cause of woodworking.  We wish you all the best John, and hope you stay in touch!  (I may still call on you from time to time to contribute an article to our newsletter.) Keep us posted.





Election of New Vice



As a result of our current President leaving for Virginia, our current Vice President, Don Ogden, will assume the position of President.  This, of course, leaves that position vacant.  According to our by-laws, an election for Vice President must be held at the next association meeting to fill the vacancy.  We will be electing someone to fill this position during our January meeting.  Anyone interested in being considered for this office should contact one of the current officers to make this known.  So be ready to nominate and elect!




January Meeting


We have a program this month that I personally find very interesting.  Mr.

Charles Cooley will tell us about the research he has done into the construction of musical instruments.  His special area of research is the musical instruments of biblical times.  Having heard the names of some of these instruments all our lives, I think it will be very informative to finally find out what each of these instruments is.


And of course, the meeting will be held at the usual place, The Woodworking Shop of Charlotte at 113 M Freeland Lane in Charlotte.  Social time starts at 5:30, the meeting at 6:00.




Upcoming Meetings


In February we will have John Leake to tell us about the construction of beds.  And, although I have not yet had a chance to talk to him, I understand that Bob Reading has already got some interesting things lined up for us in the upcoming months.




Special Guests in January


Some of you may remember that at our November meeting, John told us of a

request from a single mom for someone to be a mentor to her son who was

interested in woodworking.  I am proud to say that one of our members, Don

Ogden, has stepped up to the plate for help.  He not only made contact with this family, but is bringing mother and son, Mary and Ryan McGarvey to our January meeting.  My understanding is that Ryan has been bitten with a serious

"woodworking bug" and is already designing and making things.  He will be

bringing some of his handiwork to the meeting to show us.


If there is anyone else who would be willing to spend some time with this young

man to help him add to his skills and safety knowledge, I'm sure it would be

appreciated.  I know first hand how helpful the membership can be to someone newly bitten and I have confidence that some of you will volunteer for this important task.




Internet Sales

By Bob Reading


Does anyone in the club use the internet to sell any items?  Do you do it from your own web site?  Is there a site on the net you could join that would sell items that you make?  I have been thinking about making some items and I was looking for an inexpensive way to sell them to the public.  I have been hinking about setting up a web site that could do this.  Anyone with ideas in this area, please call Bob Reading at (704)821-7868.







Planning ahead for 2000, there was a discussion at the Christmas Party of charities the CWA might plan to support for the year.  The following charities were suggested with the suggestion for a rotating list or targeting the "Charity of the Moment":


Women & Children's Homeless Shelters

Habitat for Humanity

Christian Rehab Center

Metrolina Native American Shelter

Area Orphanages (Alexander, Thomas)

Relatives' Childrens Center

One Special Christmas (Dependent on

Receipt of Financial Statement)


The suggestion of making things for auction with prizes being awarded within the CWA for various categories was made.


If you have others you would like to suggest, please pass them on to one of the CWA officers in writing.  These are all great causes and an

excellent way to use our skills for community benefit.



CWA Supporters



Mr. Ron Davis

4250 Golf Acres Drive

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-394-9479      (contributing/sponsor)



Mr. Larry Hinshaw

3230L Piper Lane

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-357-9929      (contributing/sponsor)



Mr. Robert Boland, Manager

4115 Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC  28205

704-333-3130      (sponsor)




Mr. Marc Saunders, Manager

116 M Freeland Lane

Charlotte, NC  28217

(contributing/sponsor - except power tools & lumber)



Mr. David Boyuka

1725 Windsor Square Drive

Matthews, NC 28105

704-847-8300               (contributing)



Mr. Martin C. Dowdy, General Manager

4200 Barringer Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217

704-527-4071                (sponsor)


Show your CWA membership card at any of

the listed places to receive benefits (except

for Woodcraft, which is unable to provide

sponsorship in the form of discounts).



The Charlotte Woodworkers Association

Maxine Pennell, Editor

9128 Providence Colony Drive

Charlotte, NC 28277