Member's  Gallery

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This gallery of photographs of CWA member's work is maintained so that interested woodworkers may view the projects and techniques of our members. Knowing what others have accomplished affords the opportunity to seek advice and support if and when needed from fellow members.


The thumbnail pictures provide links to larger picture and more information if available.


Boxes and Pens:     Table top boxes for jewelry or other small items
Beds and Cradles:    Full size beds or child size cradles
Cabinets:     Projects that stand on the floor and are used to display or store items
Chests:     A chest that is required to sit on the floor and provide storage
Chairs:       Chairs, no further description is needed
Clocks:     Clocks of any kind
Crafts:     Small items that do not fit in other categories.
Desks:    Used for writing or studying of any kind
Hutches:  Cabinets that are used for displaying dishes.
Tables:   Tables of any kind or size
Turnings:  Lathe items
Misc:   Larger items that do not fit in the categories above.

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