by Jack Stewart

PROJECT: Design and build a crib for daughter’s son born April, 17, 1999.

DESIGN: Adapted from Fine Woodworking. Design meets or exceeds Federal Specifications. Joints are mortise and tenon.

MATERIALS: Solid Cherry

FINISH: Cherry stain with three coats of Gel-Kote.

SIZE: Standard crib dimensions.

YEAR: Spring, 1999

Four Post Bed

by David MacDonald

PROJECT: Four Post Bed

MATERIALS: Black Walnut – The entire bed is made from the one 8ft log, a local tree knocked over by Hurricane HUGO in 1989. The center 8″x8″ was left intact and the four posts were made from it. There were two bullets lodged in the center of the tree (approx 60-70 years ago).

FINISH: Tung Oil and Wax

YEAR: 2001


by Fred Miller

Project: Make a crib for the first grandchild, due late July/2001.
Material: Walnut
Finish: Danish oil/varnish/wax
Design: Daughter’s instructions, “keep it simple”.
Year: June 2001


by Barry Boyer

PROJECT: Cradle for Step-Daughter due on July 14th 1999

MATERIAL: Red Oak and Birch plywood bottom

FINISH: Danish Oil

YEAR: 1999