CD Cabinet

by Dave Lewis

Project: Design and build a storage unit to hold 550 CDs with the drawers arranged to also store videotapes. Detail to match the existing woodwork in the customers family room.
Design: To meet customer requirements.
Material: Solid birch and birch veneer.
Finish: Latex primer and finish coat.
Size: 72″l x 12″d x 36″h.

Music Cabinet

by Dave Lewis

PROJECT: Music Cabinet for sheet music and books.
MATERIAL: Mahogany Finish: Urethane
SIZE: 13”w x 15”d x 29”h
DESIGN: Build by: Dave Lewis

Corner Hutch

by Fred Miller

PROJECT: Make a corner cabinet for storage.
DESIGN: Chippendale
MATERIAL: Primary wood is solid figured hard maple. Secondary woods are aromatic cedar for the shelves, and soft maple for the case sides and back.
FINISH: Six coats of hand-applied varnish.
SIZE: 36″ wide, 78″ tall, 22″ deep

Wall Cabinet

by Mike Smith

PROJECT: Drop Down Storage cabinet
DESIGN: Taken from WoodSmith Magazine (Issue 169)
MATERIAL: White Pine
FINISH: Rosewood Wood Stain with six coats of spray on lacquer
SIZE: 32″ wide, 11 1/2″ tall, 7″ deep

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Stereo Cabinet

by Dave Lewis

PROJECT: Design and build a stereo component cabinet to meet customer specifications. Top to bottom, Tuner/Amp., CD Deck. CD storage, Turntable, and Tape Deck. Glass door in upper half, wood door below. Interior light comes on when upper door is opened.
MATERIALS: Birch plywood frame with Maple face frame, top and base.
FINISH: Bartley fruitwood and clear jell finish.
SIZE: 60″h x 24″w x 18″d
DESIGN/BUILD BY: Dave Lewis, June, 1999


by Dave MacDonald

PROJECT: Entertainment Armoire
PURPOSE: For personal home use
MATERIAL: Cherry and Cherry plywood
FINISH: Tung Oil and Wax
YEAR: 1999

Corner Cabinet

by Dave Lewis

Purpose: Provide a Christmas gift for our Son and Daughter in-law.
Materials/Techniques: Hard pine face with birch plywood shelves, edged with Birch. Pine plywood backs
Finish: Satin Polyurethane
Year of construction: 1995