Wormy Rotten Peach Bowl

IMG_1548.jpgTom Willis always turns up with an interesting bowl.  This one he turned down to 1 in with the worms in and then microwaved.  Then the worms came out. Just 2 weeks ago this was a live tree.   He finished this one using a wool rag, Spar Urethane (thinned 25%), and rubbed in on the lathe.  Then he spins the bowl to spread it out and rubs using a vinyl glove until it sets up and is fairly dry.

Guitar – George Thomas

This guitar, made by George Thomas, is made of padauk, mahogany, spanish cedar and has a carbon fiber rod to support the neck.  Since he will have finished and given this guitar away before the next meeting he decided to show it in progress. 

George, having made a large number of guitars frequency tunes his guitars.  Typically he tunes to 200 hz for the basic top with the sound bars installed.  Rather than making, he will normally buy the fretboard already cut for the frets. 

Well played George!