April 2018 Presentation

This month’s meeting presentation was a collaborative session with member participation and a competition for the best voted on Gadget, Tip or Trick.  Congratulations to Phil DeBerry for winning the $25 gift certificate to Woodcraft and to runner up Mark Willingham.  Entrants and their entries included:

Bruce Bogust –  Use masking tape on ends to cut pins for dovetails. It’s much easier to cut with the tape than to try to see the lines and it helps to easily identify where to remove material.

Stan Howell – Digital Protractor – Set on the table, zero it out, then you can get the exact angle relative to your work surface.  It works great on the drill press too!

Charlotte Bortmas– Charlotte is all the time looking for her pencil so she made a pencil holder with a retractable string clip to keep it close to her at all times.

Peter Stoffel – Sometimes it’s difficult to get a miter fence set exactly right.  Peter uses an index card to move the fence an eact.— F-clamp to lock down the

Phillip DeBerry (winner) – pack of playing cards – use for shims.  Make room for glue – perfect fit using a deck of cards when done play some poker.

Alan Grayson

  • Mitre Aid –
  • MacoyTools.com – Crown Moulding – measuring device for angles.
  • Cheaper Mitre Aid
  • Easycoper.com –

Mark Willingham (runner up)- Dealing with Glue squeeze out. Use a straw to clean-up glue squeeze out.

Bob McElfresh – lining up hinges on a box.

Tom Willis

  • Board Straightener
  • Taper Jig for Legs

Randy Young – Ebony Plane

Greg Smith

  • White Pencil for marking walnut
  • Fake credit cards from mailings – saved and used for glue spreaders

James Garrett—Coat hanger bent to check drill press level

All of our entrants demonstrated tools, tricks and tips that are helpful for the craft.  Well done woodworkers!