Sawdust Newsletter – Online Edition

This month marks a milestone for the Charlotte Woodworkers as we begin to release the monthly newsletter based on online content written during the prior month. See our Frequently Ask Questions below for details:

What does this mean for our members?

Going forward we will be delivering the newsletter to those who subscribe. We will continue to print a copy of the newsletter and archive in PDF form on the website, but going forward all of the content of the newsletter will be produced in WordPress, our new online platform.

Will I have to subscribe to receive the newsletter?

Eventually you will have to subscribe to receive the newsletter. We are planning to continue to publish a copy of it on the Google Groups for the time being, but now that the content will all be on the web, and we’re moving to a web based solution to speed things up. We need our members to register there.

Is this part of the online sign-up process?

Yes. Part of this is already being handled when you go through the online process to sign-up as a member and pay dues. Doing so you’ll be prompted to subscribe to the newsletter. If you refuse to opt-in, you will eventually stop getting them.

What if I haven’t signed up online?

If you’re a member in good standing, you should have already received an email requesting that you create a wordpress login and link it to the Charlotte Woodworkers Association site. If you haven’t received this, please reach out to Mark Boyer at and he will send you a link with instructions.

Can I still access old copies of the newsletter?

Yes. You will still be able to get archived copies of the newsletter. However, as content is moved over to WordPress and available on our website, you’ll be able to search for and find it there. In effect this makes all of our articles easily viewable and consumable for our members and the public.

What if I have other questions or concerns, who do I contact?

Reach out to the club secretary, Mark Boyer at He’ll be happy to answer any questions and field any concerns you may have. You may also leave comments below if you’re a registered user on the site.