2019 John McAlister Award

The John McAlister Award is awarded annually by the Charlotte Woodworkers Association to the club member who in the current year most exemplifies the purpose of the organization through display of :

  • Demonstrating the Spirit of the Club
  • The Advancement of Woodworking Skills(
  • The Sharing of Knowledge
  • Participation in Club Activities


This years Chairman of the Award Committee is Greg Smith.  All submissions below will go directly to the award committee for consideration.

Past recipients of the award are not eligible to receive it again.

Past Recipients include:

2015 – Fred Miller
2016 – Bruce Bogust
2017 – Dave Powles
2018 – Mike Smith
2019 – Randy Hock
2020-2022 – Award not given due to Covid restrictions and limited meetings.



  1. Award will be result of written (email) nomination by any current club member, submitted to the award committee to be designated by the Board.  A member may also nominate him(her)self.
  2. Nominated club member must be a current dues-paid member for the year the award is given. The nominated club member cannot be a previous McAlister Award winner. 
  3. Announcement of the coming award and nomination process will be made during regular club meetings prior to the October meeting.  Nominations will be solicited from attendees of the October regular meeting and mass email sent to dues-paid members. 
  4. Nominations may be made any time before the deadline.  Deadline for nominations will be November 18, 2019 (6:00pm). Nomination is simple — name the nominee, and list specific reasons for the nomination.  Email nomination to mcalisteraward@charlottewoodworkers.org or give a hard copy to Greg Smith on or before the November meeting. 
  5. Award will be announced and presented at the Christmas meeting of the club.


Mary Lou Miller helped me put together these great bullet points to help you craft your nomination.

Greg Smith

Demonstrating the SPIRIT of the CLUB  

  • affable, inclusive, welcoming all seasoned members and  newcomers alike 
  • is readily accessible for discussion and participation at meetings, via phone, internet, etc
  • accepts and supports projects put forth by consensus of club members


  • continually educating self about standards, methods, materials, and tools
  • shows appreciation for and knowledge of the history of woodworking
  • sets high expectations for developing best methods and production outcomes

The Sharing of KNOWLEDGE

  • contributes educational materials to club through communal loans or library gifts
  • demonstrates techniques, explains varied uses of materials, announces resources/classes
  • offers assistance to all members in choosing and  implementing ideas, challenging voids

PARTICIPATION in Club Activities

  • present, visible, and  actively engaged at club meetings and club’s public outreach projects
  • contributes ideas, skills, materials, and assistance to club and individual endeavors
  • goes beyond what is asked by club to envision what is needed and how to accomplish it



Library Update

Wayne Manahan provided an update of new resources in the club library.  There are newly purchased DVDs as well as some donated books.  See the Librarian at our regularly scheduled meetings to check in/out resources.

Shop Clean-up

Shop clean-up will be the last weekend of the month, October 27th at 9am.  We’ll be throwing out a lot of stuff and cleaning the shop.  It shouldn’t take too long.

Bowl Turning Class

The Bowl Turning Class is progressing well.  They’ll be making 4 bowls.  Due to the positive response the class will be offered again in the new year.

Woodworking Sales

Klingspor is having their woodworking Extravaganza Friday/Saturday October 26 & 27th.


WestPennHardwoods-LogoWest Penn Hardwoods will also be having a big sale as well and some of us will be going there while in the area.

Officer Elections

Officer Elections will be next month.  All officers have agreed to serve again if elected except for Vice President Bill Blackett.  Nominations were taken at this month’s meeting.

Nominations received:

Jim Dunn – Vice President

Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshop

Please sign-up here:

Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets available at this time.

This will be the 1st Two Saturdays in November 3rd & 10th from 8am-2pm. We need multiple people at each station to help the kids in different areas.  Please plan to attend.


We have an ongoing raffle for a Belt Sander.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at the meeting, or online via paypal from the website.

Members Store

Help Wanted

We are looking for a few volunteers to help setup and manage the raffles at our monthly meetings.

Upcoming Classes

Bruce Bogust will be doing a basic Table Saw Class on the 1st Saturday in December.

Christmas Party & Gift Exchange

Our annual Christmas Party & Gift Exchange is December 18th at Brixx Uptown

There is free parking nearby.  This is just around the corner from the 7th Street Light Rail Station.

Cost is $10.

Don’t forget to put your red ticket from each meeting in the box for a drawing to win.

Our members will be doing the gift exchange again this year.  Preferably shop made items that are given to our spouses (if you bring one) and servers.

One Special Christmas


One Special Christmas Banquet / Auction will be on December 1st, Saturday at Oehler’s BBQ Barn in Charlotte, NC.

This is our opportunity to help kids have One Special Christmas! Since 1989 One Special Christmas has raised more than $800,000 to help children experience the feeling of being special.

This year we will be helping children to have a BIG, life-changing Christmas season!  Please help us this year by entering an item for the auction, coming to the auction and buying things!

Preview and silent auction will begin at 5:00 PM.
Dinner will start at 6:00 PM and the live auction will begin at 7:00PM.

Click Here to RSVP

or call 704-360-0643

Be sure to invite friends! 

If you plan to donate, please fill out this form and bring it with the item.  If not going, drop off the Monday before the meeting (November 26th).











Sawdust Newsletter – Online Edition

This month marks a milestone for the Charlotte Woodworkers as we begin to release the monthly newsletter based on online content written during the prior month. See our Frequently Ask Questions below for details:

What does this mean for our members?

Going forward we will be delivering the newsletter to those who subscribe. We will continue to print a copy of the newsletter and archive in PDF form on the website, but going forward all of the content of the newsletter will be produced in WordPress, our new online platform.

Will I have to subscribe to receive the newsletter?

Eventually you will have to subscribe to receive the newsletter. We are planning to continue to publish a copy of it on the Google Groups for the time being, but now that the content will all be on the web, and we’re moving to a web based solution to speed things up. We need our members to register there.

Is this part of the online sign-up process?

Yes. Part of this is already being handled when you go through the online process to sign-up as a member and pay dues. Doing so you’ll be prompted to subscribe to the newsletter. If you refuse to opt-in, you will eventually stop getting them.

What if I haven’t signed up online?

If you’re a member in good standing, you should have already received an email requesting that you create a wordpress login and link it to the Charlotte Woodworkers Association site. If you haven’t received this, please reach out to Mark Boyer at MarkTBoyer@hotmail.com and he will send you a link with instructions.

Can I still access old copies of the newsletter?

Yes. You will still be able to get archived copies of the newsletter. However, as content is moved over to WordPress and available on our website, you’ll be able to search for and find it there. In effect this makes all of our articles easily viewable and consumable for our members and the public.

What if I have other questions or concerns, who do I contact?

Reach out to the club secretary, Mark Boyer at MarkTBoyer@hotmail.com. He’ll be happy to answer any questions and field any concerns you may have. You may also leave comments below if you’re a registered user on the site.

Club Discounts

Did you know our club members are entitled to discounts from some of our local stores woodworking / lumber stores?

  • West Penn Hardwood (only good when Rocky is there)
  • Klingspor (10%)
  • Wurth Wood (10%)
  • Woodcraft (10% if you get the card at the meeting)
  • Grainger
  • Hardwood Store (10%)

If you know of any other stores you think would extend discounts to members, please provide the information to Mark Boyer this month.  We’re in the process of revisiting all or our sponsors and cleaning up our list of vendors.  Your feedback is very important to all of our members.


Shop Tours

Once or twice a year we like to feature a tour of members’ workshops. This is an opportunity for members to learn how others organize their spaces, ask questions and generally get to know each other a little better. Tours are limited to members only for safety and security reasons.

The Establishment of an Annual Fund for the Charlotte Woodworkers Association

The CWA board believes that the major reasons the CWA has experienced significant growth in our membership during the past few years are that we have been able to offer an adequate place to meet and space for woodworking equipment.

The shop and equipment have allowed opportunities for:

  • Our members to use the equipment
  • Hands-on training
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Sessions with Boy Scouts
  • Our members to be involved in service projects for other organizations

The CWA is currently meeting, as guests, in space that is leased by the Charlotte Airport to JPM. The airport is expected to redevelop the property that we occupy, but no one knows the time-table for that to occur. So the location for the CWA in the future is in jeopardy, and we are currently searching for options for a shop and meeting place.

Additionally, there is a lot of interest in increasing what is made available to our membership by providing a more complete shop and more times the shop is open.

For the above reasons and because we feel there is interest in persons making tax-exempt donations which are beyond membership fees, the CWA board is recommending that we create a special fund.

The purposes of the fund will include financial assistance to assist in providing:

  • A location for us to have our meetings and space for woodworking equipment
  • Possible rent, and utilities
  • Purchase and maintenance of woodworking equipment
  • Other needs identified by the CWA Board and/or its membership

Donations can be:

  • Cash donations
  • Stocks and bonds, etc.
  • Donations can be recognized in honor or memory of someone
  • Donations can be made through wills, etc.

Specific efforts will be made second and fourth quarter of each year to make members aware of the fund and opportunities for giving.

CWA Annual Fund

Personal Info

Billing Details

Donation Total: $20.00

Board Nominations & Elections

At the October club meeting, we will be taking nominations for board members.  If you have an interest in serving the club, talk with someone about getting a nomination.  All terms for office are for one year beginning with the fiscal year.  There are seven board positions including Four officers, past president, two At Large Members.  Nominations will occur at the October meeting and we will be voting at the November meeting.